5 Ways To Be Awesome + ETHICAL With Share+Earn

1: Be Honest + Clear

What do YOU say? Talk like you normally talk. Just do that. When my friend Nick finds a cool wakeboarding video, he messages it to me in Facebook.

Hey Scott, check this video out.

See what I mean? All you’re doing is more of that.

That’s it. Share+Earn.

Keep doing what you’re already good at, and simply throw in a mention about BEST Money Academy along with your personal share link you’ll find in your Dashboard.


  • Hey Boss, maybe this is something we could offer to everyone at the company, check it out.
  • Dude, I know you’re looking for a car. Here’s something that has a car buying course to save you money.
  • Mom, you and dad talked about this a while back. This new service walks you through it step-by-step. See you in two weeks for dinner!
  • Hey, I just saw this money video training for kids, thought you might be interested for your son/daughter. Watch out – the host is a little weird.


  • Keep doing what you’re already doing, with the new subject of BEST Money Academy
  • Pick one of the courses or series listed on the BEST Money Academy page, and tell someone about it. Do they have kids? Tell them about KIDZ Money. Teens? Tell them about TEENZ Money. Parents need to start investing? Tell them about the investing course. Easy.

2: Don’t Spam

You’re friends, family, co-workers, groups, and people that know you want to hear from you. People listen to people they know.

Jumping into an online group you just joined and spamming 1,000 people with your share link doesn’t work. You’ll probably get banned from the group too.


  • Get to know people online first before sharing
  • Don’t send an email at work to the company directory (unless you own the company)
  • When in doubt, ask for permission first

3: Contact People You Think WON’T Be Interested

People online put on what I call their ‘Facebook Face’. It’s where everything looks perfect. Because we don’t want anyone to know something is wrong, and our life is nothing but rainbows and unicorns.

When I launched what would become my best-selling book 99 Minute Millionaire, I had no audience. I needed help promoting the book. I sucked it up and reached out to college and high school classmates I hadn’t spoken to since high school or college.

The weird thing was, those people helped me more than some of my closest family members. I was shocked they would help me with my book! But they did.

Bottom line is you and I are not psychic. We don’t know who will and will not help us or be interested.

What I do know is – if you don’t tell them, who will? You could be giving them a lifeline when they need it the most to save their finances, family, and future.

Never assume someone doesn’t need help or won’t like what you are sharing. Try it anyway and you’ll be surprised at the results.


  • Tag someone in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Send someone a text
  • Email ALL your contacts

4: Contact Groups for Big Opportunities

This ties into #3 too. We have no idea who might be interested in BEST Money Academy. Would a non-profit that someone has volunteered for in the past want to post a share link to their Facebook page of 5,000 followers?

Nobody will know unless someone asks them.

The great thing about groups, is it’s possible to reach 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people at a time.


  • Email the group leaders you know for non-profits, organizations or associations you belong to, your company department.
  • Post to the groups you belong to.
  • Make comments in forums or sites you participate in

5: Don’t Quit Too Soon

So you

  • joined Share + Earn
  • spent 10 minutes contacting 10 people
  • and 24 hours later you haven’t made money from home yet.

The program must not work, right?

How do you know the next 10 people you share with, 3 of them wouldn’t have signed up?

Listen – everyone needs help with their money. I learn something new about it almost every day.

Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

It’s certainly not going to work if you don’t try it or quit trying after 20 minutes. When I coach people on my show, I always encourage them to stay the course. Building wealth is not easy. I guarantee you will not get rich quick in life. I can guarantee it’s possible to build wealth slowly over time if you follow a proven plan, like the ones I teach in BEST Money Academy.

Success may be around the corner. If someone quits, they will never know what could have been.